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Tel Aviv VIP Escorts - Brian and EurydiceVIP Tel Aviv escorts – a cool thing indeed

About a year ago, maybe more, I started to work in a shop near the new central station in Tel Aviv, doing that I met a new, wonderful world. The world of VIP Tel Aviv escorts. Drugs from all kinds are being sold around you like hot buns, and a huge amount of half legal things moving from hand to hand, like Amsterdam.  Drugs I don’t do, apart from hash or marijuana, but there are not really drugs these days. But to be with a girl for a nice evening – show me the straight guy who won’t agree to that. Between all the dates and the random girls I found on bars in Florentin, and the nice tourists in Tel Aviv, I still wanted more. At the beginning I told myself that inviting escort services is for old disgusting people, but I decided to try it. Oh boy, how lucky I was to try. I discovered a new world of cool activities you can blend with the company of an escort girl (just like you would blend with your girlfriend, only more free, no strings attached, without she saying you “no” about things you want) so yes – it is expensive, it costs money, but it got its pros. Inviting VIP Tel Aviv escorts is exactly like starting a new relationship – everything is new and fresh, you want to try everything with her, just instead of losing the first desire, there is a new girl every time, and It just making the feelings stronger.

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One of the greatest advantages I found with VIP Tel Aviv escorts, was I got to choose. No more the same boring girl (apologies to the boring girls), but a huge variety in the reach of my hand. I felt like a new world opened in front of me – blondes, redheads, brunets, skinny and fit or chubby girls? You want extremely big breast? You want to get VIP Tel Aviv escorts to your house? Or maybe taking her to an event, a dinner or a party. Everything is possible. And we are not talking about the trash in southern Tel Aviv – if you choose carefully, and finding the best VIP escort in Israel, you will get fun, sexy, willing girls, which are smart and intelligent as well. Yet we are still talking about escort girls, but I would take some of them home to meet my mom without thinking twice. It’s not just the look, it’s also the attitude – the uncompromising attitude of “I know I worth a lot, but I’m at work so I will do just what I was expected to do. Trust me, if it wasn’t costs money, I would invite a new escort girl every day of the week. Try and see for yourself. VIP Tel Aviv escorts are one way to have maybe too much fun. Good luck.